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What job is could be ideal for you?
Ideal job for me is dancer(tancerka)
wybierz sobie jaki chcesz zawód
i opisz sobie to na cala strone

DASZ NAJ??????
In the future I want to be a handball player. It is very good job because I can travel t a lot of countries and I will be very rich. I will be a famous too. If I won't be a hanball player I can be a volellyball player too. This sport isn't very brutal but it is good too.
The seconde job ideal for me is teacher. Ilike teach children but the teachers are sometimes poor but if I will marry of some rich it will be good.
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The first ideal job for me is volleyball player. If I'll choose that I'll be very rich and propably famous. i'll have good car and many fans on all over the world.
The second job which I choosed is handball player, because I'll visit a lot of countries and play many maches. it's very brutal game , but I can do this because I'm fast and furious :D.
The third job is teacher, because I want to teach childrens alike someone tought me. i'' ll be geat on this job because I'm very friednly and nice and I have good contact with children. It's not well-paid job but if I like to do something and I think that I'll do this the best tahat I can I'll do this!!

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