Hej potrzenuje waszej pomocy;]Te czasy dopiero zaczynam i jeszcze za bardzo ich nie pojelamxD
Present perfect or present perfect continous:P
1.A:How long...(you/know)Alison?
B:We...(be)friends since we were children.
2.A:Who...(use)the car?
B:I was... Is there a problem?
3.A:What are Andrew and David doing?
B:They...(work)in the garden for three hours.
4.A:Why is Sally upset?
B:She...(lose)her bag.
5.A:I...(always/believe)the exercise is good for you.
B:Of course, it's good to keep it.
6.A:Emily...(teach) maths since she left university
B:Yes, and she's very good teacher, too.
7.A:Fred...(open)a nwe shop.
B:Really? Where is it?
8.A:This pie is delicious
B:Is it? I...(not/taste)it yet.
9.A:Have you found your umbrella yet?
B:No, I...(look) for it for an hour now.
10.A:You look exhaused.
B:Well, I...(clean) the windows since 8 o'clock this morning.
11.A:Can I have some more lemonade, please?
B:Sorry, your brother...(just/drink)it all.
12.A:Have you got new neighbours?
B: Yes, they...(just/move)to the area.



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Have you known
have been
has been using
have been working
has lost
have always believed
has been teaching
has opened
haven't tasted
have been looking
have been cleaning
has just drunk
have just moved
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