My friend name is Kasia. Kasia ' s thirteen years old. Kasia has got straight brown hair and green eyes. Kasia is tall and slim. I like Kasia , becouse is friendly and intelligent.Kasia's like music and sport.Kasia's wears in jeans , t-shirt and shoes.Kasia 's favourite colour is pink and black.
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My best friend ' s name is Dominika.She is 14 years old. I met her 4 years ago, and we are still best friends. She is very extroverted and crazy. We always have fun, becouse she ' s got a lots of funny ideas. She is blonde girl with blue eyes.Dominika always wear jeans and some t-shirt. She is really thin and tall. She likes sport,dancing, art and pop music.. She hates selfish people and when someone hurts animals. Sometimes Dominika can be really shy and quiet, expecialy when she meet some boy. I like her becouse of her happines , and that she want to save a lots of animals. I hope that our friendship never break up. I wish her all the best ;)