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Choose the world or phrase, A, B, C or D, that best completes the sentence.

1.At weekends they .... each other on their mobiles because it's cheaper.
a) are texting often
b) often text
c) text often
d) are often texting
2. Professional rock singers .... lots of money.
a) don't earn always
b) always don't earn
c) not always earn
d) don't always earn
3. We ... outdoors. It's too cold!
a) never like working
b) always like working
c) like working never
d) like working always
4. ..... on my own because it's nice and quiet.
a) sometimes i like working
b) I'm somentimes liking working
c) i like working sometimes
d) sometimes i'm liking working



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1. b)
2. b)
3. c)
4. c)

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