My room.
My room is my a little world. I have here my all favorites things. There is a big bed. I love sleep so it's very comfortable. The next is a desk. On the desk they are so many staff. There are a copybook, pencil, photo, lamp and papers. I love a tv show so I have a computer and TV in my room.
In the middle of the room is a table. I don't use them. I have a huge wardrobe. On the wall I have a poster of Pink Floyd.
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I've got room for myself. My room isn't very big. When you come in the first what you see are my draws on the walls, texts of my songs and photos with my friends. By the window is my desk. There I've got a computer. Over the desk are my 3 shelves for my books for school. Near my desk is my big bed and table. Opposite my bed there is TV, that I watch every day. On the left side of TV there is a wardrobe for my clothes, but on the right side there is a wardrobe and inside are my shoes. On the windowssill there are 3 flowers, beacuse I like plants. My room is clean and in air there is always nice, natural aroma.
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My room is rather big. The walls are orange, but the window and the door are brown. There is a big window in front of door. There are blue curtains in the window. Under the window there is a radiator. The desk is next to the window. There is a lamp on it. Opposite the desk there s a music system. I have got a lot of CD’s but I don’t have any favorite. There is a blue carpet on the floor(curtains are in the some color). In the middle of the room there is table. Next to the table there is a bad. In front of the table there is a bookcase and a wardrobe. They are black and grey. The table is also black and the desk is brown. Besides I have got a TV in my room. I like my room very much.
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