Cześć.Pomóżcie mnie angielski:-) Plis.Trzeba opisać jaką kolwiek miejscowość, w której jakoby odpoczywałaś.Oto po tym planie:
1.Where the place is and why you went there.
2.Further details about the place/weather conditions
3.What you saw and what you did there.
4.How you feel about the place and whether you recommend it or not.
Plis napiszcie mnie:-) Dam naj:-)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Last summer I visited a beautiful city called Rome. I went there for holidays with my family. It's capital of Italy and it's located on the Tiber river. It's always sunny and the shy is clealy blue. I have done there a lot o things. I sew the Pope what was a great experience. Then I sew the di Trevi fauntain and the Coloseum. I visited many local restaurants and tried a delicious pizza. I spend lots of time on sightseeing and shopping. I think Rome is a marvellous place with a great weather. I really loved it and i recommend it to everyone.

prosze o naj^^