Uzupelnic present perfect lub present perfect continous

Dear Connie,

I hope you are enjoying yourself at university. I'm sure you...(study)hard. Everything is fine here at home. Billy...(just/receive) his school report. It was bad, us usual. He...(decide) to leave school next year and find a job. Fiona...(go)to the gym every day for the past two weeks. She...(try) to get in shape for the summer. She...(already/plan)her holiday in the sun. Your father...(sell)the old car and he...(buy) a nwe one. It's lovely-much nicer than the old one.
Anyway, write soon.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Have been studying
has just recieved
has decided
has been going
has been trying
has already planed
has sold
has bought
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