Many people want to be attractive. They eat many vegetables and fruits to be slim and healthy. They also put on comfortable clothes to look smart. People always keep fit, go to the gym and do exercises to be attractive and well-built.
People who woudl like be atractiv they spend a lot of time in bathroom. They go to hairdreser, they go to gym, because they woudl like be fit. The people by new clothes. The woman do make-up. The people use different kosmetiks.
When people want to be atractive they can do everything. Ones of them will not eat anything, other will eat only vegatables, fruits and healthy food. Also sports are really healthy. Of course not only good figure is important for those people. They also look at face. They buy the most expensive cosmetics, masks to feel better. They spent lot of money for treatments, clothes, cosmetics, haircut. That's only for rich people, but now more people look at image. Some of them can spend few hours in the bathroom! That isn't normal for me! In my opinion healthy food and healthy lifestyle is the best way to be atrractive.

proszę bardzo ;)) troszkę więcej niż 30 słów, ale lubię się rozpisywać ;)