Write questions using the present and how long. Then write answers using for and since.
1.you/know/Mike(we were six)

2.your uncle/be/a doctor(many years)

3.Clive/have/a pet dog(last Christmas)

4.they/follow/Manchester United(they saw them play live)

5.he/hold/the 100 meters record(the Olympisc)

6. you/play/ the piano(five years)



1.how long do you know Mike?we know him since we were six]
2.how long is your uncle a doctor? he is doctor for many years
3.how long has Clive a pet dog?He has dog since last christmas
4.how long do they follow Manchester United?they follow M.U since they saw them play live
5.how long does he hold the 100 meters record?he holds the 100 meters record since the olympisc
6.hoe long do you play the piano?i play the piano for 5 years

Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. How long have you known Mike?
We have known him since we were six.
2. How long has your uncle been a doctor?
He has been a doctor for many years.
3. How long has Clive had a pet dog?
He has had a pet dog since last Christmas.
4. How long have they been following Manchester United?
They have been following Manchester United since they saw them play live.
5. How long has he been holding the 100 meters record?
He has been holding the 100 meters record since the Olympics.
6. How long have you been playing the piano?
I have been playing the piano for five years.