Napisz po angielsku z tłumaczeniem o big benie (najważniejsze informacje) oraz o hyde parku również i harodssie (największe centrum handlowe w londynie i jedno z najwiekszych na świecie)prosze o nie ściaganie z wikipedi oraz z tranzlatora.



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Big Ben is the name of a bell weighing 14 tons placed on top of 106 foot tower. He is regarded as the symbol of Britain. The bell that hangs on one of the two towers of the London parliament.Its building was taken shortly after the main part of the Houses of Parliament has been burnt. It was designed by two architects. The first of these was Charles Barry, the second - Augustin Pugin. It is made in the neo-Gothic style of hewn stone. Today, many people say that Big Ben is the name of the world famous London clock.The name Big Ben is derived from the name of Sir Benjamin Hall, chief commissioner of works in 1858, when the bell is suspended. Cast in Whitechapel was already the second huge bell, because the first crack appeared when trying to run (the current bell also has a slight fracture).

Hyde Park - one of several royal parks in London, located in the area of 390 acres (about 159 ha). Divided into two parts by the Serpentine Lake. Hyde Park was founded in 1536 by Henry VIII, who acquired these lands from the monks of Westminster Abbey. Most of the architecture in the park was designed in 20 years Nineteenth century by Decimus Burton. Since the nineteenth century park has become a popular place for social gatherings and events.It was before the park on the corner of the north-east, is Marble Arch. This was the original gate of Buckingham Palace was built in 1827. Has proved to be too narrow for the royal carriage and moved it to its present location in 1851.

Harrods - luxury department store on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, London. In addition to the Harrods Group includes Harrods Bank, Harrods Estates, Harrods Casino, Harrods Aviation and Air Harrods. In 1849, Henry Charles Harrod opened the first store. Current 7-storey building dates from 1905. December 17, 1983, after prior phone with a warning before the car exploded Harrods-trap.The caller said that both the inside and in front of Harrods are bombs, even gave the registration number of the car, which contained the bomb. Three police officers approached the car indicated to disarm the device, but they can not. Killed six people (3 policemen and 3 civilians, including one American), were injured about 90 people. Since 1985, Harrods is owned by Al-Fayed brothers (Ali and Mohammed, the father Dodiego Al-Fayed), who bought the store 615 million pounds .