Przebywasz w Angli, w gazecie ukazal sie arykul o roli komputerow. Autor zachecil czytelnikow do dyskusji. Napisz list do redakcji w ktorym: *kiedy przeczytales artykul i dlaczego postanowiles napisac do redakcji *podasz swoja opinie na temat roli kompoterow w dzisiejszych czasach i opinie znajomych *napisz czy masz swoj komputer i jaka role odgrywa w twoim zyciu *podziekujesz za mozliwosc wypowiedzi na łamach gazety i zachecisz innych do dyskusji.



15th October, 2009
Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my opinion on the view presented in the article on the role of computers in contemporary world, which appeared in the last issue of your magazine. It was an extremely instructive article and I would like to add a few ideas.
The author of the text praises computers as if they were irreplaceable. To my mind, computers have dominated humankind to a great extend. All my classmates talk only about the latest editions of some games, their profiles on 'facebook' or how to use computer to solve a difficult homework. In my opinion, computers deprived people of their creativity, willingness to go out in the evenings or simply read an interesting book.
Of course, in my house there is a computer. It is not that I am its enemy. I sometimes use it to chat with my foreign friends, search for some information while doing my homework or simply read the news. However, I am not addicted to my computer like most of young people nowadays.
Although I do not agree with all points mentioned by the author of the article, I believe that he has begun a very interesting discussion. I am glad that I could express my views and show them to other readers

Yours faithfully,