It happened to 20 July 1996 in Krakow. Privileged car in action Ford is not noticing the red light has entered the intersection and struck the same by crossing the Opel Astra is not damaging the whole left side of the car and causing considerable material damage.
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I went certain day expensive and suddenly I have noticed that police stands on way and you gives credential some I have thought, that it has has not become case definitely, so, podbiegłam and I has been asked if it has has not become nothing. All were on luck whole, but driver cried very. It said, that it has made nothing and that it has has not become you wine second I have said you ago, that it did not maintain so, because it impolitely and that there was wines you. It you begin I beat but nearby former police and it has has not become on nothing luck of me.

Pewnego dnia szłam sobie drogą i nagle zauważyłam, że na drodze stoi policja i daje mandat jakiemuś panu. Pomyślałam, że to pewnie wypadek, więc podbiegłam i zapytałam się czy nic się nie stało. Na szczęście wszyscy byli cali, ale kierowca bardzo krzyczał. Mówił, że nic nie zrobił i że to wina drugiego pana. Powiedziałam temu panu, żeby się tak nie zachowywał, bo to niegrzecznie i że to była wina pana. Ten pan zaczął mnie bić, ale w pobliżu była policja i na szczęście nic mi się nie stało.
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Caused the accident and say I went by car from pred from 40km / h to 60 before he saw earlier rowezyste I had the intention to overtake him sell-off (any prohibition there were no lanes painted on the road-highway was covered with compacted snow odsniezonym) but not the front 20m from the front of the other rode zaczolem inhibit auto and monotonous as a result bumped rowezyste, rowezysta complained about the bule brzycha had a broken leg and opened it after removal of the ambulance died in the hospital section due to spleen obrazuw had all broken heads
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