Write an e-mail of 120-150 words to a friend descibing what you saw , using your notes from exercise 4 .

ex.4 pytania
-What was the crime?
-Who were the criminals ?
-What did they do ?
-Who was the victim ?
-What happened ?
-Did the police catch the criminals ? if so , how ?

jednym slowem ma byc to email w ktorej tresci ma sie znajdowac opis jakiegos zdazenia ktore widzielismy .. czyli np jakas kradziez lub coss pilnie potrzebnee ;(



The crime that I saw was the murder. The criminals were two men about 25 years old. They were bald and wore tracksuit. They ran up to a elderly woman and tried to steal her handbag. She didn't want to give up. Then one of them took a knife out and hit her it in heart. I called the police immediately. I described them these bandits precisely. They started to looking for them instantly. A lot of police cars appeared on the streets during a few minutes. The police knews that they couldn't escape too far. The policemen noticed them on the street escaping in hurry. They got out of the car, fired the warning shots. Then they stopped. Policemen went up to him, overpowered them and imprisoned in handcuffs. After that the criminals were taken into the police station and later to prison. Unfortunately the woman died in the hospital.