1) watches tv
2)reads book
3)plays a computer games
4)They always go for a walk in the evening.
The holidays, you can go skiing or snowboarding. We can also do other winter sports such as riding on the sled or ice skating. You can also go to warm countries, to sunbathe, swim in the warm sea or ocean. if you do not like winter sports, and we want to laze beside, we read books, watch a movie, go to a concert or simply powygłupiać in the home furnishing home event. You can also subscribe to the "winter in the city" at their school.

nie wiem co jeszcze można robić w ferie. jak chcesz, możesz napisać mi na priv, co można robić w ferie, to jeszcze coś dopiszę, bo chyba nie ma 100 słów.