Mam na angielski napisać recenzję jakiegoś filmu uwzględniając:
Basic information: title, date, kid of film, director, stars.
Background to the story: where? / when? / what happens?
Opinions: acting / story / special effects & photography, music.
Recommendations: it's (not) worth seeing, I (don't) recommend it.
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Video stories about the quiet twilight of mobile teen Isabella Swan, "which clearly stands out from their contempolary
Girl's mother is in the end, as it seems the man of her life and decides to go a second time married. Bella has no choice but to live with his father, because there is no place for her in this "new family". Goes to a small, misty rain, the town Forks, where he is living her father. Meet people who are seemingly ordinary and one of them will change her life forever emotional. Pale, mysterious, unearthly handsome Edward Cullen. Outbreak of love between two so hot as possible.
Girl meet in a new place of residence are many strange and dramatic events. Come to town a great enemy of her beloved, who will want to kill her. Will also have to fight for his family ...