In the weekend I wake up at 11 ;00 o ' clock . Later I am having a shower, I am getting dressed, I am brushing teeth and he is combing his hair . I eat breakfast and meet my friends . We play volleyball and walking.Next I eat dinner and read a book. Next I watch tv .Latter I eat supper , have a shower and go to sleep

My weekend begins in the afternoon on the Friday. When I come to home I relax and I watch TV. I sometimes make the shopping with my parents on Friday. In Saturday in the morning I eat a brakfast and and I watch Tv. In the afternoon I tidy my room. Afterwards I do my homework. After do my homework I meet with my friends and We go to the cinema or the ninepings. In the evening I surf the net and I listen to music. In Sunday in the morning I go to the churchest. Before I eat dinner with my family. Befor eat dinner I learn. I always go to saunter with my dog. In the weekend I like relax but I don't like tidy. My favourite doing is a meeting with my friends.