First of all I'd like to say, that my opinion on this subject probably won't be objective, because I'm a teenager.But I'd like to present my point of view.

To start with, it is worth to say that everyone of us was,is or will be a baby, adolescent, adult, responsible parent, and finally an old. I think we shoud never forget who we were before, and so I don't understand the way some adults treat the youth. I mean some of them are treating us like dogs or something. They don't even try to understand what we feel, while we have our problems.

Anyhow, apart from some disadvantages, a teenager's life can be a good time. If you are a 'good kid', you have almost nothing to worry about.Even if you are punished sometimes for some weird things you do, you are allowed to cry and that ends a case almost everytime.If you mess something up, you can try again without taking responsibility for it. And I think it is the best thing which childhood gives us.

To sum up,I'd like to say that I'm of the opinion that if we make the most of our adolescence, if we understand the world propelry, our youth time can't be that bad.