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.... Mary loves science fiction stories and films. Her favourite film character is Zaro.

.... Last Friday night, when Mary was in bed, almost a sleep, she saw a strange light in the sky. It was'nt a star - it was a spaceship.

.... But then looked at the wall - all the posters were signed. She could see Zaro's name on them and on the desk she found his silver pen.

.... She liked his silver spacesuit and his big blach eyes. They spent some time talking about Zaro's adventures in outere space.

.... He is a very friendly alien who visits distant galaxies and planets. There are some posters whith Zaro on the walls of her bedroom.

.... With every second it was bigger and bigger. To Mary's suprise, the spaceship stopped next to her window.

.... In the morning Mary woke up and looked out of the window. She could only see the trees in the garden. "I had a fantastic dream" - she thought.

.... When she looked at the alien inside, she realized that he was Zaro. He got out of the spaceship and jumped into Mary's bedroom.

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