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The principle of tolerance is controversial. Liberals argue that it condemns in advance the "tolerated" the habits and behaviors that are the exception than the norm. It can also empower the people in power to fight for diversity. Instead, it proposes the concept of morality and civic pluralism. Supporters of the traditional tolerance criticize fundamentalism, because they see in it a form of moral relativism. Those who support it, define it as respect for diversity. On the other hand, believe that this term in a narrow sense is more useful because it does not imply a false endorsement unacceptable social attitudes.One theory about the origins of religious intolerance, presented by Sigmund Freud in his book The Man Moses and the monotheistic religion, based on a combination of intolerance of monotheism. Bernard Lewis and Mark Cohen attempted to argue that the contemporary understanding of tolerance, involving concepts of national identity and civil rights for people of different faiths, do not take into account the values of former Muslims or Christians, because of the alleged importance of monotheism. Historian G.R. Elton explained that originally monotheists saw tolerance as understood as a sign of weakness or even wickedness against God.