• Użytkownik Zadane
It was a dark and windy night. Three bears (Puchatek, Uszatek and Yogi) were sitting around a camp fire and they were toking. It was in small shack in the middle of the Fort Pierre National Grassland (in South Dacota).
Suddenly Puchatek said:
- I have a strange hunch. I think somebody will come to our home.
- But, why are they going to come us? - Uszatek asked.
- Maybe they are going to take our honey! - Yogi quailed.
- Holy dooley! - bears heaved a sigh.
Abruptly bears heard a rumble. All budged.
- It's a weasel! It came to take our honey! - Puchatek said.
- Oh, no! - bears quailed.
- Our: acacia flower honey, honeydew honey, multifloral, heather,rape honey and metheglin! - listed Yogi.
Suddenly someone grasped a door handle.
- By Jove, it's it! - Uszatek screamed.
Door opened.
- Yes, yes, it's me! - said Rabbit - I brought some mead!
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
Everything came up roses.