Dokończ zdania.
1)If a subject is interesting to the teacher,
2)If you want a book from the library,
3)If you are allowed a calculator in an exam,
4)If you are early,
5)If you are late,
6)If you do homework on a computer,
7)If you copy someone else's homework,
8)If you lend friends your notes,

a)it will be out.
b)the school bus will be late.
c)they will lose them.
d)it will crash before you save your work.
e)the battery wiil be flat.
f)the teacher will find out.
g)it will bore the students.
h)the school bus will be on time.

pomocy dam najj;)!



1. g
2. a
3. e
4. b
5. h
6. d
7. f
8. c
1 5 1
1) G.
2) A.
3) E.
4) B.
5) H.
6) D.
7) F.
8) C.