Musze napisać pytania a potem ułożyć do nich odpowiedzi
1.where / go? when?
2.who/go with? there?
4.where/stay? long/be/there?
6./have good weather?
7.what/do during the day?
8.what/do at night?
9./have a good time?
10./have any problems?



1.where can I go? and when?
You can go to the cinema, today.
2.who can I go with?
You can go with me ? can we get there?
We can get there by bus
4.where can I stay?
You can stay in my house. long I will be there?
You will be there about 3 hours.
6.Do you have got a good weather?
Yes, I have got a good weather.
7.what ared you doing during the day?
I usually am in a school.
8.what are you doing at night?
At the night I am dreaming about you.
9.Do you have a good time?
Yes, I have a good time.
10.Do you have any problems?
No, I dont' have.
1.where / go? when?- Where did you go? When did you go? I went to the city last day.
2.who/go with?- Who did go with? I went with my friend. there?- How did you get there? I went by bus.
4.where/stay?- Where did you stay? I stayed in the hotel. long/be/there?- How long did you be there? I been there one day.
6./have good weather?- Did you have good weather? Yes, the weather been good.
7.what/do during the day?- What did you do during today? I played football.
8.what/do at night?- What did you do at night? I slept.
9./have a good time?- Did you have a good time? No, I didn't
10./have any problems?- Did you have any problems? No I didn't.