A: good morning, doctor.
D: good morning, can I help you? what's the problem?
A: well, I've got a horrible sore throat, running nose and very high fever
D: well, it sounds like a cold.. tell me since when you have felt like this?
A: since yesterday evening. can you give me pills or something?? tomorrow I'm having a very important exam and I have to be ok!!
D: of course, here is the prescription.
A: thank you, how should I take the pills?
D: one in the morning and one before going to bed. and remember - get some rest and wear warm clothes!
A: ok, thank you, doctor. goodbye.
D: goodbye.
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Doktor: Good morning, Mrs Yellow. What's the matter?
Patient: Oh, doctor! I have swollen tonsils, hight temperature and runny nose.
Doctor: It can be flu.
Patient: Oh, no doctor! I'm seriously ill. I have not only cold!
Doctor: Oh, dear...
Patient: I think I'm suffering from pneumonia. Please, help me!
Doctor: Take it easy, Mrs Yellow. It cant be pneumonia - you are not critically ill. Take this prescription to the chemist's and buy this tablets. It will help you.
Patient: Hmmm... Is this with suger? I'm diabetic.
Doctor: No, there is no suger. You can take it.
Patient: Are you sure, that this is sufficing?
Doctor: If you dont feel better, I will make an appointment for you to see a specialist at the hospital. But I think, the problem is your lifestyle. You need to reduce a stress and stay in shame.
Patient: Maybe... I need to lose weight.
Doctor: You have dog! You should walk with him.
Patient: But, you know, I'm allergic to dog. They give me a rash.
Doctor: Well... Don't worry. I'm sure you will feel OK soon. Good bay!
Patient: Good bay, doctor!
Doctor: Remember about pills!

(myślę, że to powinno być dobrze, ale warto mnie sprawdzić - przy okazji się poduczysz ;D)
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