There was a sunny weather. I called the friend. We decided to meet. A nearby lake was supposed to be a meeting-place. I did the shopping and I went above water. When I arrived, my friend waited for me. A long time ago for her I couldn't see. I missed her. Ewa had the ball. We played volleyball and we talked. In hot days it is necessary to remember about drinking water. It is very important. Tired we lay down on blankets. Suddenly we saw the child which is drowning. Certain the boy moved for him for the help. We were frightened. I worried against the boy and against the child. In the end they left water. We were glad very much. When we already calmed down, we went to the bar. We bought ice-cream and juices. The boy is a real hero. He said hello to us. We were shamed and graced. This day was very nice. I am pleased that for nobody nothing happened. Adam is our friend now. I like him very much. He is very funny and better looking.