Romeo and Julia – summarizing the drama of Shakespeare. The action of the drama is in progress in Weronie. For many years they are living in the city two set at variance roby: Kapulettich and Montekich. The dispute among families is leading in the end to the real tragedy. , Young, handsome Romeo Monteki son of the head of a family, unhappily is falling in love with the certain lady. The one however will remain unmoved by his affection. Young man, learning that his chosen one will be on the ball organised by the Kapulettich family, is deciding also there to come off. It is possible, since on the beam they are applying to masks and nobody certainly will recognize the representative of the hostile family.
Unexpectedly on the beam completely emotions of the young man are changing. Quickly he is forgetting Romeo about the lady, for which here he came. Everything it thanks to the beautiful girl which he can see for the first time. Romeo is madly in love with her. Unfortunately it turns out that the girl is a daughter of the householder. And so he belongs to the hostile Kapulettich family. However young Monteki isn't giving up. He is stealing up to the garden for the bride and standing beneath her balcony, he is revealing love to the girl. It turns out, that and Julia Kapuletti fell in love with a handsome young man. Unfortunately on the road to their happiness a dispute dividing their families from time immemorial is standing. In love they are deciding to get married in the secret before parents, to wait for the opportune moment and revealing one's secret, to bring the feuding families together. Julia and Romeo are getting married in the presence of the friend of both families - of Laurentego father. The monk for many years wants to lead for the reconciliation between the Kapulettich house and Montekich, so marriage young very much pleases him.
Unfortunately right after the Romea marriage ceremony and Juli he/she is reaching the event which the moment of reconciling families is distancing. Romea friend, Merkrujo is dying in the duel with the cousin for Julia, Tybaltem. Romeo is avenging itself for the death of the friend. He is challenging Tybalta to a duel and mortally he is wounding the Kapulettich member of a family. Through this act he must leave Weronę. Forced spouses are left young to temporary separation. Matters still more become complicated, when the Juli father is deciding to give the daughter for a family friend - of Parys. Julia knows that he cannot take the second marriage ceremony, but also he realizes the fact that he cannot reveal the virtue of its association from Montekim. He asks about with advice of the father of Laurent. The monk is trying to save young. Juli is giving the special mixture which will cause the lethargy and the girl for some time will look as if she was dead. Simultaneously he is sending a letter to Romea in order to acquaint him with one's plan. Unfortunately the letter isn't getting through to the addressee.
The servant of the young Monteki man is bringing him the tragic news about the beloved death. Romeo is falling into despair and he is deciding to die at the side of the recently married woman. He is coming back to Werony, he is buying poison, he/she is directing to the Kapulettich tomb, he is killing Parys come across on the way and he is drinking poison by the sleeping wife. When Julia is waking up, it is already too late. Romeo doesn't live. The desperate woman is seizing the dagger of the husband and he is stabbing himself with it. He is dying on the body of the beloved. They are running into the family tomb alerted by the Laurentego father parents of both lovers. They can see bodies of their children and they are falling into despair. Their quarrels closed with the tragedy which to the same degree touched both families upon. Only she reconciled feuding families.

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