1. in your house like it would be the most pleasant atmosphere and a leisure time.I will send you the most interesting pictures that stay with you. can i visit you in future?
2.in the New Year's Eve night I was at my sisters in anglii.spędziliśmy him at the club. I was wearing jeans and t-shirt. event was wonderful. we danced all night. at midnight we went out into the field to watch the fireworks.
3.-may be said honestly with their parents about this problem.?
- I can manage alone
- This is impossible. somebody needs to help
- what do you suggest?
-you must go to a psychologist


the image I see a man who is on the train. He reads the newspaper. the second plan also shows a man reading a newspaper. They travel by train. can go to work or in the delegation. may go far to visit family or friends living