Proszę o pomoc. Muszę zrobić projekt na angielski . Muszę opisać kilka większych miast w Polsce. I napisać co tam można robić lub zwiedzać. I napisać gdzię Polacy lubią wyjeżdżać na weekend i jak wypoczywać.( Daję 200 swoich pkt. mam nadzieję że mi ktoś pomoże. )



Warsaw - the capital of Poland is this city laid in central Poland, on Mazovia. The largest under in relation to number of population and the surface the city in Poland. The seats of parliament in Warsaw be comprise ( the Lower house and the Senate), the President of Polish Republic, Government and different central powers. Warsaw is the capital of Mazovian province also.According to legend name Warsaw comes from from names of fishing marriage - Warsa and Sawy.
City was put on breakthrough XIII and XIV in. The toruńscy tradesfolk of German origin were the founders. In 1350 and in 1380 year they came into being two the tench of defensive walls. In 1408 year locality becomes repurchased by Mazovian Janusz's duke And Older, which it transfers from Czerska the capital of Mazovia to Warsaw.Today's Warsaw this important scientific centre, cultural, political as well as economic.The boat - the capital of province the łódzkiego, lying in valley Neru, in only centre of Poland. The boat it is 2 city in Poland under in relation to number of population and 4 under in relation to surface. It is important academical centre as well as cultural.First mention in document from 1332 r. (village Łodzia); right municipal broadcast in Przedborzu over Pilicą in 1423 r., and together with with them permission on organization markets. To end XVII in. The boat develops as small agricultural town, being with property of włocławskiego bishopric. She becomes then local trade centre as well as craftsman's ( it be comprised eight mills here as well as wheelwrights' workshops, coopers, shoemakers, carpenter and butchers). In peak period of development the " agricultural Lodz" on beginning XVI in., town calculates ok. 700 occupants.It what interesting was can see

* The Square of Freedom from neoclassical town hall, the northern outlet ul. the Piotrkowskiej ( 1827 );
* Maksymilian's Palace Goldfedera, ul. Piotrkowska 77 ( 1892 );
* Juliusz's Neobarokowy palace Heinzla, hive Piotrkowska 104 ( 1882 );
* Brothers' Neorenesansowy palace Steinertów, hive Piotrkowska 272 ( 1896 );
* Passage Meyera, ul. St. Moniuszki ( 1886 );
* The Museum of Art, ul. Przędzalniana 72 ( 1876 );
* The the Art nouveau pałacyk of Power station the Łódzkiej, ul. Danzig 107;
* Henryk's Neorenesansowa villa Grohmana, ul. Tymienieckiego 24/26 ( 1892 );
* The the Neo - Gothic Roman Catholic church of Assumption the NMP, Church pl. ( 1897 );
* The ZOO, at fugitive of streets the Krzemienieckiej and Konstantynowskiej ( 1938 );
* Łódzki Botanical Garden, ul. Krzemienicka ;
* Tram Line 0 served antique composition 5N 5ND on every summer Sunday;

Poles like traveling. The most willingly for border.Poles will meet in this time from family and friends, part will leave on just rest and different will calm down from everyday duties simply.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In Warsaw I live since I was born. I think it's beautiful city. Here are many parks, playgrounds for kids and more other interesting places, for example starówka. In Warsaw are many shops, departament stores and skyscrapers. Many cinemas, and teathers. In Warsaw is also Polish Army museum and Kings castle. Every holiday to Warsaw arrive many tourists.

Poznań - fifth in terms of the population city in Poland, put on the River Warta. Capital of the Greater Poland and the Wielkopolskie Province. The first tracks of people in today's Poznań originate from the period about 8900 - 8000 of p.n.e year.

Wrocław - historical capital of Silesia, one from biggest (fourth in terms of the population numbers city in Poland) and of the old towns in Poland, put on both sides of the centre Oder, on Silesian Lowland. 5 bigger rivers are flowing through the city: the Oder and 4 her tributaries which are feeding it in city limits: Bystrzyca, Oława, Ślęza and Widawa. Before the II world war 303 bridges existed in the city, at present them about 220 stayed. Wrocław is a capital of the Dolnośląskie Province, with city on laws of the district (Wrocław city with poviat rights) and with capital of the Wrocław district grouping 9 nearby communes.

Gdańsk - city put at the coast of the Baltic sea. He is located at the outlet Motławy to Wisła on the Gdańsk Bay; with Gdynia and Sopot is creating Trójmiasto. Beginnings of Gdańsk are being dated for the IX century. For the first time he was listed in the writing in "św Life. of Wojciech" of Kanapariusza made a list by Jan in 999. From the initiative he lives and about 975 of year on a river bank Motławy a town was built with the postage.