Bardzo prosze o pomoc:
1) How do you usually spend your time together.? ( conajmniej 8 przykładowych zdań)
2)Is anything interesting happening or changing in your group at the moment. <-[ o klasie ](conajmniej 8 przykładowych zdań)



1. I have a group of very close friends in my class. Unfortunately, most of time we spend together in a classroom. We occupy always the same desks until a break. The break is something that allows us to chat a little, exchange our opinions on the lessons we have had or talk over guys. However, the breaks are not long enough. That is why, we also try to get together after lessons. If we do not have a lot of homework to do, we meet in a shopping centre where there are many things to do like having a cup of tea, seeing the latest film in a cinema or simply doing shopping. We always meet at the weekend. Sometimes it is just going out to a concert or other event which is currently in our town. We often stay overnight at someone's house and have a pyjamas party.

2. When it comes to my class, I have to admit that we have all become very close to one another. At the beginning there were many smaller groups in our class. Now it looks much better, there aren't any people that I don't like or something. Of course there are sometimes different arguments between some classmates. Last week, for example, Janek and Franek got into a huge row (kłótnia) and they haven't spoken to each other till this day. I think that Jurek has fallen in love with Zosia because he always sends her small letters during lessons. Another interesting thing is that we are going on a school trip next month. Everybody is very happy about that!