1.write questions with how many and how much. Use the cues

How many polar bears are there in Churchill?

1. polar bears/ in Churchill?
2. snow/ in Riksgransen in May?
3. daylight/ in northern Sweden in June?
4. dogs/ in a sledge team?
5. ice statues/ in Harbin?
6. ice/ in an ice statue?
zadane 2.
Now match the questions (1-6) in exercise 1 with the answers (a-f)
example 1f
a) up to ten tons b) over 200 c) nearly 24 hours d) eight e) usually over 50cm f) hundreds

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2. How much snow is there in Riksgransen in May?
e) usually over 50 cm
3. How much daylight is there in northern Sweden in June?
c) nearly 24 hours
4. How many dogs are there in a sledge team?
b) over 200 albo f) hundreds
5. How many ice statues are there in Harbin?
f) hundreds albo b) over 200
6. How much ice is there in an ice statue?
a) up to ten tons
23 4 23