ZAD1) Complete the sentence. Use the present simple or the present continous. 1)They/go rollerblading/every Saturday. 2)This party is fun.We/have/a good time! 3)Look at your brother! He/cry. 4)I can't come at the moment. I/do/my homevork. 5)He always /speak/very quietly. 6)Bye! We /leave/now. 7)Teresa /have/a piano lesson once a week. 8)He/ get up/ at seven o'clock every morning.



1. They go rollerblading every Saturday.
2. We are having a good time.
3. He is crying.
4. I am doing my homework.
5. He always speaks very quietly.
6. We are leaving now.
7. Teresa has a piano lesson...
8. He gets up at...
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