Hey! Natalia and I'm 13 years old. I live in Poland, near Wroclaw in Lower Silesia Province. We'll be? I have a cat named Max. I have no siblings, I'm an only child. And you? You have siblings? What are your pet? Where do you live? What is your name and how old are you? A lot of questions, huh? I like a lot to write and learn, and you? I also like a vacation and winter holidays. And you like holidays and winter holidays, or rather like to go to school and learn? I am very loquacious, and I'm rather shy, as you can see, are you? I have a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Now I do not want to replace them but for sure once they know the time. I hope to friends. This pa and thief?

Możesz to wszystko pozmieniać na swoje dane oczywiście! ;))
My Weekend hi kuba wanted tell you about my plans for next weekend so on Saturday I will go to the zoo with my dad and on Sunday the pool and you what are you doing next weekend? Ten emali jest jak spędzasz najblizszy weekend ;d