Hi :)
I am writing to you that i want describe my friends and the town where I live.
They are very friendly, trustworthy, kind and polite. I can count on them at every moment of my life, when I need help they always help me. I can't imagine life without my beloved friends...
Now let's move to describe the village where I live. You see my town is named (wpisz Nazwe miasta). I was born here. Most of my family lives in ( wpisz nazwe miasta). I spend my free time with the aforementioned friends. Most often we go to cafes or cinemas, because we have a lot of them here. In ( nazwa ) there are many interesting places to visit. There is also a lot of mysterious streets. Walking them can get lost. I am ending on this, I invite you to ( nazwa ) look after the city and you know my friends...

Greetings and hot kisses :*

mam nadzieje ze pomogłam . Magda :)