Uzupełnij luki wyrazami still, yet, already, just.
1. Jim sends his love. I've (1)________ seen him in the high street.
2. We can't have chips again. We've (2) _________ had them three times this week.
3. I can't decide. I (3)_______haven't made a decision.
4. I haven't phoned Begonia (4)________. I'll do it whe i get back from work.
5. Billy: Do you know anything about Sally?
Betty: Oh she' fine. I've (5)________ spoken to her on the phone.
6. Monica says she's (6) ________ this minute caught the train so she'll be here in half an hour.
7. Betty: Have you cleaned the bathrom yet?
Billy: I've (7)___________ done it. I did it an hour ago.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. just.
2. already.
3. still.
4. yet.
5. just
6. just.
7. already.