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Troche sucharne, ale jest :)

One day I was sitting in my room with my friend. We were alone at home because my parents went to a party. We were in the middle of a game of cards, when I noticed a spooky sound coming from the corridor.
I thought I was imagining it, so I didn't point it out to my friend or ask her if she heard it to. Then I heard it again. This time I was positive, that i wasn't imagining things, so I decided to investigate. We quietly walked down the stairs to the source of the sound. We were both very nervous, but we went on.
We came to the kitchen door. I was to nervous to open it, but my friend stayed calm enough to quietly open the door. We peeked inside, and saw, that the refrigerator door open and a creature of some sort was eating all the food from it. Then the "thing" turned around. We saw, that it was a ghost. We were horribly scared, but the creature seemed even more scared then us. At the sight of us it made a horrified face and evaporated.
We spent the rest of the evening quietly and calmly, looking out for the strange ghost, which lived in my house.
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