Mam napisać list z podziękowaniem do moich przyjaciół za miło spędzone wakacje u nich. List musi być napisane w formie nieoficjalnej po angielsku oczywiście !! :)
Dear + name
sorry for not writing earlier but...
thank you/ thanks (so much ) for you letter me to stay itp....
it was great to hear from you....
That's all for now.
Hope to hear from you soon / looking forward to hearing from you.
(give my regards / love to
Best whishes/ Love (from)

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Dear Lisa

Sorry for not writing earlier but, I have a lot of work to do. My parents were very angry, when they saw my room. And since that I can't go anywhere.
Thanks so much for you letter, it was very nice. Now I want to thank you for nice holidays at your home. My sister is very thankful too. It was the best holidays I have ever had. I remember when we had a barbacue in your garden and Ted played on the guitar. And your mum cooked wonderful. I hope we weren't a problem for your parents. When we swam in the lake I felt very happy, becouse I adore swimming.
It was great to hear from you.
That's all for now.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes
Love from Kate
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