Uzupełnij luki wyrazami z ramki w odpowiedniej formie w czasie present perfect lub past simple.
1. A: I ________(to see, negative) Anna for a long time.
2. B: Really? I__________her yesterday. (to see)
3. They ________(to go) to Venice three years ago.
4. David lost his wallet yesterday but he ______(to find) it this morning in his jacket pocket.
5. ________(to be with you) to Paris?
6. We ________(to live) in this house for five years and we're very happy here.
7.I know Manchester quite well. I_________(to live) there forthree years when i was a student.
8. He _______(to meet) Sally in the supermarket last week.
9. She feels great. She ________(to lose) three kilos since Christmas.
10. It's cold in here because someone __________(to open) the window.
11. Before they bought the car, they _________(to think) about it very carefully.
12. _________(to feed with you) the cat yet?
13.The last ime I _________(to play) tennis was four years ago.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I didn't see
2.I saw her
3. They went to Venice
4. found
5. ???
6. Lived
7. Have lived
8. Met
9 . She've lost
10. Have opened
11. Have thought
12. Have you fed
13. I played