1. Write a message of sympathy.
-a friends failed her exams
2.Opisać w past simple mój zeszły weekend.
1.what did you do on Saturday?
2.Where did you go?
3.What did you do?
4. What did you go with?
5.Did you have a good time?
6.What did you do on Sunday?
7.Where did you go?
8.What did you do?
9.What did you go with?
10.Did you have a good time?

Proszę o szybką pomoc:) Będę wdzięczna;D



I'm sorry that you failed your exams, but it isn't a tragedy. You might go to school and talk to your teacher. Maybe he allow you to pass that exams again. Don't worry.

On Saturday I went for shopping in the centre of Warsaw with my best friend Lisa. We bought a lot of clothes and shoes. I had a great time here.
On Sunday I went to the swimming pool. This swimming pool was near the police in Warsaw. I swam with my sister. We were there two hours and I learnt how to swim. On Sunday I had a good time too.