Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Mark!
It is my first trip to the UK. When I get out of the plane in London, there was raining. That wasn't so nice, but i needed to go to the family's house. When I arrived to the house, there was sunny and hot. I took a shower and I went to the garden. I was playing football with my uncle and father. After some goals I needed to go sleep because tomorrow I must go to school. In the morning i woke up early and I waited long time for the bus. That bus was very funny. There were some girls and boys. I tried to speak to someone but nobody answered me. In school i met my teacher. She was tall and slim. But I don't understood her. I thought I'm alone here without any friends. But on first lesson I met nice boy, who lived in Holland. He was alone here like me. After some minutes, he was my first best friend there. Classrooms are very big, much bigger than in my country. There are some maps, clocks and posters. After five lessons was lunch-break. I ate soup and pizza. After it, I had some boring lessons. In house I ate a dinner and I did my homework. I'm sorry Mark but i need to go, because my parents taking me somewhere.
Write to me sometimes!

P.S. There are a lot of nice girls. :)

liczę na naj; D