When i was on a trip in Australia there happen very interesting situation. We were visiting open air zoo. We were driving jeep and watching wild animals. There were giraffes , lions, tigers and many other dangerous animals. As our teacher told us not to open windows and try to touch animals we didn't want any troubles. My friend Peter always was difficult child. So i felt something wrong will happen. We were driving when we saw beutiful young bears. There were so small and funny. They looked cute. My friend Peter told me to give some candy bars to them. I didn't want to and i told him it's bad idea. He is subborn so he opened the window. As he reached to bears one of them caught his arm. We started screaming to make them scary and tried to pull Peter bach to car. The bear was increadibly strong. We couldn't kepp Peter in the car. The bear took him out of the car. We were so scared and hoped Peter will survive. Luckily the bear took only the candy and run away. It was horribly day for my friend