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1.how often do you eat fruit??
2. do you usually feel hungry during lessons??
3. where do you usually have dinner ??
4. do you ever eat in restaurant??
5. what's your favorite polisch disch???

prosze o zrobienie do 9!!!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I eat fruit every day.
No, I don't. I sometimes feel hungry during lessons.
I usually have dinner at home.
I sometimes eat in restaurants.
My favourite Polish dish are pierogi with cottage cheese. (biały ser)
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1i eat fruit every day
2yes i'm
3i have dinner in my hause
4yes i'm
5my favorite polish dish kulin.
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I eat fruit almost everyday.
2. I don't feel hungry during lessons.
3.I always eat dinner with my family in home.
4.Yes, I ate in restaurant.
5. I like eating potatos and chicken.

Proszę :)
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