Muszę napisac po angielsku pocztówke do koleżanki.
Musi sie w niej zawierac odpowiedzi na te pytania:
-Are you having a good time?
-When did you arrive?
-Where are you staying?
-What did you do yesterday?
-Where are you at the moment?
-What are you doing?


To ma byc podobne do tego, co jest w załączniku



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear melanie,

thank you for your postcard,I'm very happy that you are fine.I spend time very good.I play football with my friends,we'are going out in every evening.We arriver on monday and we stayes in big hotel near see.It's a wonderfull place, so yesterday we went swimming.Now i'm sitting in cafe, drinking a orange juice and of course I'm writting to you.In the evening we will have dinner and next we will come back to home.

I hope to see you too next weekend
bye, Tim