1) Complete the sentences with information that is true for you.Use the zero conditional.
* My teacher gets annoyed if...
* I don't sleep very well if...
* I speak more in English classes if...
* I go to bed late if...
* I feel happy if...
* I get angry if...

2)Tell your partner something that you:
* might do this evening
* may not remember to do next week
* could have in your pocket or bag
* may eat this evening
* might not enjoy doing tomorrow
* could wear tomorrow



Ex. 1
* My teacher gets annoyed if I talk to my friend during the lesson.
* I don't sleep very well if I have problems.
* I speak more in English classes if the topic is interesting for me.
* I go to bed late if I'm tired.
* I feel happy if I have a lot free time.
* I get angry if I can't find something.

Ex. 2
* I might go to the cinema.
* I may not remember about clean my room.
* I may eat sandwiches.
* I might not enjoy meeting my new teacher.
* I could wear blue dress tomorow.