A: Good afternoon in the travel's agent 'Go to Hell' - the best travel's agent in the world. Can I help you?
B: Good afternoon. I came here, because I need break. Could you tell me about offers you have got?
A: We have got many offers to each corner of the Globe. Which kind of places do you prefer?
B: I would like to go to the mountains at some lake. It is possible?
A: Yes off course. Let me see... We have got two hotels near crystal lake in Finland. The first is fourth-star hotel, Hotel Logical. Breakfast and dinner are included in cost. Flight takes about two hours. Transport from the airport assures hotel.
B: Sounds quite great. Could you tell me about cost, please?
A: For one person it will costs 3000 pounds.
B: I am rich, so could you find for me something more expensive?
A: As I said, there are two hotels.
B: So, could you give me some information about that second hotel?
A: It is fifth-star hotel, Hotel Galaxy. Every attraction, which is on the hotel territory is included in cost. All meals are also included in price. Flights takes two hours too, but you don't need any transport from the airport, because hotel has its own landing field.
B: Sounds better than the first hotel. Could you tell me about the cost, please?
A: For one person, 7000 pounds.
B: Nice, do you think I could have a brochure for the Galaxy Hotel.
A: Off course.
B: Thank you. And could you make a reservation for two people for two weeks in the middle of February?
A: Maybe 11 to 24 February?
B: Great.
A: Just a moment please... Done.
B: And can I possibly have your e-mail or telephone number, please?
A: Everything is on my visiting-card.
B: Thanks a lot. Goodbye.
A: Goodbye.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, madam. What can I do for you?
- I want to go on holidays in June.
- Where do you want to go?
- I want to go to the seaside.
- We have great trips to Greece.
- Greece? No it's too hot.
- How about Croatia?
- Croatia is hot too. But I have never been there. Ok.
- When do you want to go?
- On the first of June.
- For how long?
- For two weeks.
- Ok. I will book a rom for you in a hotel and buy you a plane ticket. What's your name?
- Julia Smith.
- Ok. Thank you and have a nice holiday!
- Thank you. Bye.
A;Good morning.
B;Welcome in the Travel Agency, What can I do for you?
A;I am looking for trip to the Egypt.
B;Ok, and what Do you want to sightseeing ?
A;Hmm, Of course pyramids and sea.
B;So, I have a good news for you.
B;Because at the next week we have a trip to the Egypt and we have got last one place, and the ticket is in promotion.
A;Wow, It is really good news. How much it cost ?
B;It cost only 500 $.
A;So, I want to go, Can I pay now ?
B;Yes, You can.
A;thank you, Good bye.