Napsiac historie ducha : "zawsze bede pamietac dzien w ktorym odwiedzialem dom nad mozrzem"

(write a ghost story that begins I'll always remember the day I visited the old house by the sea. Write notes on the subject below before you begin.Remember to use different narrative tenses and some of the useful expressions above) I zebyz awieralo - i'll never forget..../ it was / one day... a few years ago.... / itp. I prosze etz o rzetlumaczenie. Pozdrawiam I dziekuje bardzo . PROSZE O POMOC !!!!!!!!!!!



A few years ago I was visiting with my family my gradma. Grandma lives over by the sea and she gots big beautiful house. One day I stayed in home because I felt very bad in the morning, but afternoon I felt much better and I decided to go for walk by the beach. when I was walking. I saw an old house, some kind of unvisible force was affecting on my mind to go there and check it out. I go there it was beautifull day and the sun was shining throught the roof. I have looked arround everything was right, and when I was going to leave I have flipped over and I saw big white ghost. I started to run. There was no way to