1.Your personal profile

name: Klara
address: Warsaw
age: 18
look: tall; pretty; long, stfaight hair; green eyes; slim;
family: parents, one sister
likes: chocolate, good movies, hard rock
dislikes: people who don't like me

2.Your typical day.
I wake up at 6 o'clock everyday. I go to bathroom and I have a shower. Next I go to breakfast. After I go to the bus stop and I travel to school. In the school I'm usually 8 lessons. I finish it about 3pm. then I come back to home, eat dinner and do my homework. I watch TV sometimes and play computer games. about 9 o'clock i have a shower ang go to bed.

3.Your typical weekend.
I'm sitall weekend at home and watch TV, read books and surf in Internet.