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thickThough vegetation overgrows the majority of the surface of the land of our planet, then the areas which they are overgrown thin vegetation or devoid her entirely however exist on The ground. Regions these are called deserts and meet on them fascynujące species of plants and animals sometimes.
Deserts are dry environments, where year- old sums of falls do not cross 250 mm. Some area happened the desert, total evaporation of the water from plants, there are have to the rocks and soils larger than the size the falls of the rain and the tributary of water in the figure of fogs approaching from the sea. The deserts step out where the hot, tropical air reaches from equatorial regions there, and now the regions of the tropic of cancer and Capricorn, in neighbourhood 30 º geographical width northern and 30 º the geographical width south. The air is there unceasingly dry and hot what favours the formation of deserts.
The large hesitations of the temperature of the air characterize many deserts in the draught of the day, even reaching 50 º C. There can hot, and in the night be the temperature in the day he falls below the zero sometimes. The the largest and the quickest changes of the temperature have the place about east and the west of the sun. Many deserts are on plateaus what causes that ground frosts step out there regularly. Plants and desert animals have to be can survive in such conditions very resistant.
The adaptation of the organisms to the life on the desert consists in the education of the structures and behaviours which level the influence mainly so raw environmental factors, how high temperature, the shortage of water, the lack of the food and the places of schronienia oneself.
Two the main kinds of deserts distinguish themselves –hot and cold. The kind of the desert is the reflection of her position often and location over the level of the sea. Cool deserts are hot in the draught of the day and cold in the night, while hot deserts are hot in the draught of the day and warm in the night. The deserts of Northern America are cool deserts, and the Sahara and Atakama this hot deserts.