Hi cris

you are speking everything about your family for me. now i want sey something
about my family for you. so i have brother. his name is rob. he is 10. rob is very good student. my mum's name is laura. she is great chef. her dinners are delictions! my dad are policeman so his job are more dangerous.
i m feeling than you re know my family.

your ....,
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello Isabell!

I want to tell you something about my family :)
My mother name is Ewa. She's 45 years old. She is beautiful and slim.She has got big brown eyes and long brown and curly hair. My father name is Piotr.He's 46 years old. He is fat but high.he has got black hair and has got a moustache. I have one sister.Her name is Ania.She's 15 years old. She is tall and slim.She has got brown eyes like me mother. Brown hair but straight and fringe. That's all my family. I very love them.

Yours Patrycja.