Opis zespołu odpowiadając na take pytania .what's the name of the band ?
how many members are there?
who's the lead singer ?
who's your favourite member?
what's the name of their last CD ?
what's your favourite track ?
when's their next concert ?



My favourite band is RBD. This band founded in 2004 in Mexico. Their the first album recorded in 2004 . The members was : Dulce Maria, Anahi,Maite Perroni; Alfonso Herrera, Christopher Uckermann, Christian Chávez. My favourite Lyrics are Rebelde, Solo quédate en silencio and Salvame .At the next time the group did not organize any gigs. Despite this, many people buy their CDs and listen to great music.
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My favorite band is linkin park. Was founded in 1996. There are six members. My favorite member is drummer Rob Bourdon. Their latest album is called Road to Revolution. My favorite song is What's I've done. Their next concert will be in California

Moim ulubionym zespołem jest linkin park. Został założony w 1996 roku. Tam jest sześciu członków. Moim ulubionym członkiem jest perkusista rob bourdon. Ich ostatnia płyta nazywa się Road to Revolution. Moją ulubioną piosenką jest What's i've done. Ich następny koncert będzie w kalifornii
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