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Feel is a Polish band that came into being in 2005 in Katowice. In the beginning the band was known as Q2 but later on we (they) changed it for Ku.. B.... . The band record pop music.

Piotr Kupicha - Vocal, Guitar
Łukasz Kożuch - Keyboard
Michał Nowak - Bass
Michał Opaliński - drums
Paweł PAVULON Pawłowski Guitar

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The team was founded in May 2005 by Piotr Kupicha two years after leaving the group themselves. Initially, under the name Q2, the duo worked with bassist Michael Nowak [3]. Lukasz team supplemented Kożuch and Michael Opalinski sign changing sequence of Q3 and Q4 Kupicha Band [3]. The team recorded the song, but has not issued any single and album.In February 2009, the band received a second time Telekamery in category "Music" [33], and in April, the Eska Music Awards, once again won in the category 'Team of the Year Poland "[34]. In the meantime, the band toured the United States, appearing in Chicago or New York [35].

March 27 on-air Radio Eska was a premiere of the last single, "Show me heaven", which is a harbinger of a new board announced on 5 June [36]. The music video for the song, in which a guest appearance Andrzej Grabowski, was shot in April in Katowice Nikiszowcu [37]. Clip to the next single, "No Love Me", was founded in May, directed by Grzegorz Jankowski series dancers on the set [38]. Album was released in June Feel 2 contains 10 tracks and 2 bonus instrumentals. In addition, the song "Just say what you want" was recorded in a duet with Sebastian Riedle [39]. On release album was certified gold for selling more than 17 million copies of thousands of copies [40].
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