Prosze o napisanie e-mailu

Piszemy go tak jakbyśmy mieszkali w Londynie.Mam zaprosić swoją koleżankę na spotkanie.Ma ono trwać 1 dzień i w emailu mają się znaleść 3 zabytki Londynu na które zapraszamy koleżankę !

Prosze aby w tekscie pojawiły się takie slowa jak:
By the way



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello Lucy,
I am writing to invite you to my house in London. I'm organising a small party and I've asked a few people from our class to come. Unfortunately, Adam won't be able to come. He wrote that he broke his leg but actually I think that he doesn't want to leave his girlfriend alone. That's a pity because you told me you haven't seen him since primary school.
Anyway, I was thinking that we all could do some sightseeing in the city. First of all, there's a new exhibition at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. There is a new chamber of horror. My English friend told me that it is worth seeing. Then we can go to Buckingham Palace at around 11 a.m. to see the changing of the Queen's guards. By the way, I'm sending you a few photos of that event. If you wish, we can also see the Houses of Parliament with the famous bell called Big Ben. I'm sure you will love it!
I hope that you can come to London because I miss you so much. I'm waiting for your reply. Write soon.


Hi Ann!

I'd like to invite you to my uncle's house in London for a trip. I'd like to meet you because we haven't see a lot of time. Unfortunately I have to take my dog because my little brother don't want take care of my dog. Anyway we'll see a Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Hampton Court Palace. By the way we'll talk together, actually we have to talk.

See you soon. Matt. :D